Founder and President William Kiss Speaks about Kiss Logistics’s Success on its 21st Anniversary

After 21 years of operations, Kiss Logistics continues to be a rapidly expanding company. Our long-term relationships with carriers, brokers, and service providers form the major key to our success. We bring all kinds of asset and non-asset-based partners together to execute a supply chain strategy that is unique to each customer. In the current environment where capacity is tightening, and regulations are changing, faced with rates that are skyrocketing and driver shortages, these relationships become especially critical. Moving into peak season, we will continue to find solutions even when capacity is stretched for most carriers. 

Our customers care about efficiency – they care about getting their goods to market on time. They want us to manage consistent growth, improve speed, and most of all they want us to improve their profitability. These are our strengths and core values.

We are constantly strategically planning ahead, searching for threats and opportunities that will give our customers a competitive edge. And our 21 years of experience allow us to anticipate our customers’ special requirements, whether it be during inclement weather or a state of emergency.

Technology has been a powerful developing factor to deliver up to the moment rates and services. However, our expertise allows to us make recommendations that maximize the efficacy of recent technological advancements. Technology provides transparency for our customers, reinforcing that they are doing business with the right company.

For most businesses, logistics are an ever-changing landscape that is difficult to manage and control. But at Kiss Logistics, we understand that change is inevitable. We are experts at helping businesses manage change. We help our customers reactively deal with changes in executing supply chain needs today, while preparing them for the new challenges they will face tomorrow.

Logistics are at the core of everything we do in business. Ultimately, they are the key to success for every entrepreneur and business owner. And the better you are at logistics, the more successful your business is, big or small. Our resilient team of disciplined individuals, along with the relationships we have fostered in the logistics business over the last 21 years, have proven to be the formula for success for our customers. 

William Kiss
President and Founder of Kiss Logistics